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Kwave Wilkinson
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Friendship, Fun, Looking to Hire, Something

I am the owner and creator of Secret Harmony Social Network, Secret Harmony Radio, Secret Harmony Magazine, and run the Swinging Banana Venue. Secret Harmony is not only a though, but a passion created by a couple who met here in Second Life many years back, became friends, began dating, and now married in Real Life. That woman would be kyleesadiehopkins. Secondlife is more then a virtual world to us. It is a place where you meet real people behind the avatars. They have real emotions and living real lives. Secondlife is more of an escape from life stresses and gives a chance to breathe and enjoy ourselves. This why we strive to sponsor entertainment and fun things to do because life keeps us so busy. Secret Harmony is a place to keep in touch with our friends and family in SL and to share our experiences. If you want to know more about me, add me, lets chat.