Being a sponsor for SecretHarmonyInSL does not require money. You can offer out of your heart, but it is not required. We only ask that you share us with your business. Business dictionary states a sponsor is an, "Individual or entity who organizes and is committed to the development of a product, program, or project". Do you want to be committed to a project that constantly evolving? Well below are some who have and you're more then welcome to email support@secretharmonyinsl.com if you are Interested.

Want to Collaborate?
Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something. That is what we would like to do with you. Host an event, advertise one another, and we would sponsor your event. That means it is our cost! You do not need to be a sponsor to collaborate, but we will closely look at your business to see if we can and will collaborate. Do not let that scare you from emailing us. So what kinds of businesses are we looking to collaborate with? Dating agencies or friend making agencies. Also public places like parks, forests, or beaches. We strive on being as family friendly as possible, so adult rated land or areas would not be accepted. Got a news website or your a blogger? That can work to, maybe a photo contest or other sort of event. The possibilities are endless. Email us at support@secretharmonyinsl.com if interested. At this moment, budget wise, we are not doing anymore paid collaboration for the time being. We still can collaborate through advertising.
The Mystic Muse

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena/30/192/22

The MYSTIC MUSE is a lovely Serena seaside music venue within the Mythical Meer Forest.

Brought to life by an ancient forest nymph. 

She is rarely seen or heard from, but her spirit presides over this venue and these lands at all times. 

On rare occasions she may show up, but she is shy and her whole existence depends on the continuing flow of music! 

She hopes you enjoy the venue and the lands from which she came. 

Cat's Marina and Country Club

Latin Lounge and Funkytown!

SLURL:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koltorum/96/108/1496

Latin Cafe and Funky Town is a venue with great music, performances, and a true cafe feel. Funky town itself is like going to that one special place off the corner of main street. 

Blues Factor

The Kids Circus

The Kids Circus