• We will do special referral programs every once in a while. We will change it so it does not get boring and so your really getting something.You are required to be a member on the website yourself.

When people join They will put your profile link in the Referred By box when signing up. No one sees this but administration. 

Payout will always be on the following Tuesday for Sunday through Saturday.

  1. Make sure you and whoever you are inviting is signing up using their actual Full SL Name! We cant find you, We cant count you!
  2. Do Not SPAM groups that are not SPAM Groups, this will disqualify you if someone reports it. You will not receive any earnings.
  3. Do not try adding alts, this will get you disqualified instantly with no earnings. 
  4. If a member joins and then quits withing the period of which you would be paid for they will not count towards your earnings. 

You need to contact us? do so on the website or by email at referral@secretharmonyinsl.com. You can see the Support Staff when online on the Homepage. 


Referral Program Closed! We will be holding votes in the polls so stay tuned!