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Secret Harmony Presents Live Singer Varda @ the Cats Marina Club 05/04/2017 5PM SLT

Who is Varda?

Varda began to sing at a very young age. Born in Texas, she inherited the voice of her mother, who had a chance at a professional singing career with a Mariachi band in Tampico, Mexico. Varda sang as a child and as an adult, started to sing more seriously in karaoke contests. In the first contest she beat 150 other competitors which revealed a professional career. One night, celebrating with friends, she was singing on the table at the request a friend, a man sitting at the bar heard her and asked if she could sing a Blues on stage. Varda accepted the invitation and affirms today, that there, began to sing professionally. She then received an invitation to sing for Calvin Owens' Blues Orchestra and went to sing at Sawdust Alley Records where she was hired in 2005. Varda currently sings with her real life band based in Austin, TX and also solo in Second Life.  Please contact Greko Thorne or Zorro Amat for booking info.

Come see her live at the wonderful Cat Marina Club Thursday Night.

5 pm - PDT

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