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Halloween Fete! Best In Costumes, Win Lindens Three Performers, 4 Hours, Good Music, and Loads of Fun! Come join us for a special night as we celebrate Halloween and dance the night away. The event is 4 hours and you have until 6:45 PM SLT to be here and be considered as a winner by the judges. Y…
27.10.2017 17:00
Swingin' Banana and SHRadio TOP40,
#Secretharmonyinsl Presents ..... #DJKwave (@Kwave) 5-7 PM SLT: Playing your Top 40 (More Rock TOP40 then anything this night), Open Request, and Name That Tune.... Live Singer @Varda Spearsong will be blowing us away with her voice and touch on classics we have come to love @ 7PM SLT...  The Vin…
22.09.2017 17:00
The Swingin' Banana,
The 50's Sock Hop is being brought to us by  Defentive Rock Concert. Get ready  to go back in time as this DJ blows you away with  the music. So grab everyone you know  and drive down here to the Sock Hop.
20.11.2017 16:00
Club Uniqu3 Beach Club,
Great line up for the weekend. 6pm-8pm slt  | Friday - Sunday  Djoni  Java Joe  Starflower Orbit Wytchwhisper TwinGhost Phemie Alcott
05.05.2017 18:00
Aubry's Coffee House ,
THE VINNIE SHOW @ INDIESPECTRUM RADIO pm SLT  Tuesday, October 17th 7pm slt man, one  guitar.....   a whole lot of great music!!!!  All ORIGINALS SHOW !! . You'll be glad you  came!!!
17.10.2017 19:00
Indespectrum Radio; Villa Lobos,