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Join Us Friday Night For Lots Of Music & Fun! 8/4/2017 5-9 PM SLT 5-7 pm SLT is DJKwave playing your tunes and doing fun things like name that tune! 7PM SLT is the beautiful live performer, Varda Spearsong 8PM SLT: The Vinn…
04.08.2017 17:00
The Swinging Banana on Monkeylick Island!,
SH Social Network/Radio Presents The Vinnie Show 9PM SLT Thursday, July 20th The Vinnie Show is bound to blow your mind! He is absolutely brilliant and has the talent to show for it. Vinnie not only plays a mean guitar, but he also is what entertainment should be. He will make you laugh, maybe mak…
20.07.2017 21:00
Swinging Banana Venue,