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Secretharmonyinsl Presents .. DJXray and her hostess Dessie Graves @ Our Swingin' Banana Venue 5-7 PM SLT Also Simulcasted on The SHRadio Top40 Station! Tune in at and Click Play on the SHRadio TOP40 Station…
14.09.2017 17:00
The Swingin' Banana,
SH Social Network Presents Name That Tune with SHRadio's DJKwave 4-7 PMSLT! Come tune in and have some fun with Name That Tune with SHRadio's DJKwave 4-7 PM at the Swingin' Banana! Those who have attended before know the rules and those new will like them.…
03.08.2017 16:00
The Swinging Banana,
Please, make time to join us at Firefly Nightclub during the 6pm-8pm SLT set for the Relay For Life Masquerade Ball Live Auction :) I'll see you there in a few hours :) Slurl Here
21.07.2017 18:00
FIREFLY Nightclub,
Night Talk InSL replaces the ever so popular Good Morning SL and is sure to deliver the same thing as the morning show did. You will hear live interviews, hear the newest music, hear guests who join us and sometimes even live performances. This will be on the TOP40 Station every night. Thursdays and…
21.07.2017 17:00
Swinging banana @ Monkeylick Island,
Another cool and fun DJ has taken the stream at Firefly Nightclub. Come party and chill with us. I promise that the glow isn't harmful  
14.07.2017 06:00
Firefly Nightclub,