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Recent Blogs
If you know me personally, than you know that I love my 80's and 90's music.  I was perusing the webpages and found that low and behold that Guns N Roses are going to have a summer 2018 tour.  You can…
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5 days ago · From Jendoline Fortune
Hello Secret Harmony... Welcome to The Source. I am Jessika Darkstar and I'm going to take you through a range of topics that involve Second Life, the Secret Harmony Website, tutorials, SL entertainme…
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29.10.2017 · From JessikaDarkstar
Hey, this blog is going to be based on myself. I will be talking about everything to do with my rl,just to let readers know who they are reading from.
Categories: Exposé 
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21.10.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
This blog is going to be giving a list of places name, which are chat spots  and  must visit places in second life.  
Categories: Public Place InSL 
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20.10.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
Greetings reader, this blog is going to be giving  information about the following : =list of stores on the second-life market place with amazing clothes p.s for females =Best types of completed avata…
Categories: Shopping Insl 
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18.10.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
This blog is going to be about my second-life. Just going to be talking about why i play secondlife ,what are my hobbies in second life , and everything else that makes up my second-life.
Categories: Me InSL 
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09.10.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
This blog is going to be about ways that a second-life resident can own their own home.  
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02.10.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
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01.10.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
This blog is going to be about  virtual games which are similar to Second-Life.So i'm going to give a description of the game and what i love about those virtual games.
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01.10.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
Benefits of having an alternative Second-Life 
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30.09.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
Hi Everyone, this is gonna be my initial starting off post; I'm gonna quickly get introductions out of the way. My name is Addi Vail, I'm about 8 Months old in world (SL), in the real world I'm 23 yea…
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29.09.2017 · From Adesianvail (Addi Vail)
I have recently started Blogging for Secret Harmony in sl.  I have some exciting things to share with you happening in second life.  We are going to pack all the fun we can into here so don't forget t…
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24.09.2017 · From TheRavisher
Need information on how to have a baby on Second-life? Need  information on adoption? well this blog is for you. I will be answering some questions which many Second-Life Resident seeking a family ten…
Categories: Family InSL 
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23.09.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
Well this is the post for you. I will be  giving you information about locations where you can get free  stuff  in second life.  
Categories: Help InSL 
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23.09.2017 · From definitlyyourgirl
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