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Click Join!!! and if you Fail To Do So Please Still Read These :)  I may catch you off Guard to read sections! Thursday Night Staff Meeting 07/20/2017   ------------------------------------------------------- Meeting will start with greetings and welcomes :) We are going to weird each other out and …
in 10 hours
Inworld or On Skype or Both! ,
Tonight We bring you our official Grand Opening of The Swinging Banana Venue and SIM-Wide Forest 6-9 PM SLT! DJKwave and Live Performer Varda! DJKwave will be mixing your top 40 from all generations and Varda Spearsong will be p…
12 days ago
The Swinging Banana Venue,
Tune in @ to the TOP40 station or put in your land :) Or join us in world! DJKwave Live on air @ 6PM tonight live on SHRadio Top40 from The Mystic Muse! Join us in world for their fourth of July event with live performers and fireworks. Your ride: ht…
The Mystic Muse,
SLURL: Best in Punk,Emo,Goth! W/ DJKWave Rocking the turntables! Joining group required. Event Starts @ 5PM SLT, Boards lock @ 6:30PM SLT, and Winners anounced after 7PM SLT. We believe in fair voting, known cheating will get you…
Swinging Banana,
Come join us Friday @ 6PM on the digital turf in those football outfits, Jerzees, cheer leading outfits, or referee  outfits. We do not discriminate on who wears what just be sure to keep things covered that should be covered. Male and Females  head off for the win off on this monumental occasion of…
The Swinging Banana Venue and Forest,