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About Us
What makes Secret Harmony InSL the best SL Social Network? 1. First things first is what is on the back end! We run on a dedicated server with a dedicated IP with SSL for your security and protection. Our software is not only reactive, but also responsive making it as great as it can be. 2. Next thing is that we are Free! There are no gimmicks, there is just free. Actually it is a forever free guarantee. On top of being free we do have a classifieds and ads section, but not intrusive ads and banners on every page that ruin your performance or view. There are limits on content of course and that is because resources are never truly unlimited. We would never charge you for using our services, EVER! The only thing we require a tag for is ads, classifieds and pages. This is not a paid feature, what we do is reward those who refer people to the site and sponsors with these two features. This helps limit SPAM and bots and gives you something to earn. 3. The sharing of content! Do you make gestures or promos, etc? One feature we have that will excite you is Sounds. Share your sound files or upload them to have your customers listen before they buy. Sounds of course because of the law can not be content you do not own or is not yours. (Copyright Laws: Not only can you share sounds, you can share video and photos as well. Do you have a facebook, twitter, or pligg account? No problem easily share your content to those sites without an issue. Blogs are more personalized, allowing you to name and add a description. If you want to be more technical you can create a page with its own content and shape it around your theme. Do you want it to be a blog page, gesture page, business page, news page, etc? You can remove what blocks you do not want and keep the ones you do want. Also a great feature is sharing in terms of chatting. There is Video and audio chat which of course if you choose you do not need to use it. Also the messenger on the site if your a facebook user will be very familiar and be a quick like :) 4. More then a profile, It's like a page in itself! Your profile is a lot more then just a profile. With some work we were able to allow some custom modifications such as: changing the table borders, the background, and fonts on the profile main page. When someone goes to your profile and you shared it they can easily go to your content based on what it is. Kind of like our menu on the main site you have one for your profile that only shows your content. 5. The people who run it! Secret Harmony was built by people who love SecondLife. The two people in the back the owners Kwave Wilkinson (Me) and Kyleesadiehopkins met on Secondlife. They became friends and as years passed they became a couple, met in real, and got married. This is our second home and our passion. This site regardless of not getting many people at the moment, we continue to fund and run it because at the end of the day what matters is not gain, but the joy of giving. So why choose us? Performance, fast loading website, sharing of content, tons of ways to share that content, meeting other avatars, a listening open community, and we are free without forcing ads or other things on you! Not only that there are tons of ways to reach us for support our FB page, twitter page, flickrpage, on the site, and by email. We were made by the people, for the people! We will continue to move in that direction. Join or Invite Others to Join Today @ or https://MySH.Space