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Upcoming Events

  • SHRadio Country DJDonnie Playing Saturday 5-7 PM SLT
    Swingin' Banana and SHRadio Country
    21 October 2017  /  1   Members
  • Live Singer Varda Spearsong Friday 7PM SLT @ The Swingin' Banana!
    The Swingin' Banana
    20 October 2017  /  1   Members
  • SHradio Top40 DJAddi Friday Night 5-7 PM SLT
    The Swingin' Banana and SHRadio Top40
    20 October 2017  /  1   Members
  • The VINNIE SHOW at CAFE MUSIQUE - 10am SLT Friday October 20th
    Cafe Musique
    20 October 2017  /  0   Members
  • THE VINNIE SHOW @ SEASIDE LOUNGE 7pm SLT Thursday, October 19th
    Seaside Lounge
    19 October 2017  /  0   Members

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