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Secret Harmony strives at being the best SL social network. We run on a dedicated server, use SSL, and have features that cover your every SL need. So dive in and enjoy the features and if you want to see something be sure to go to the following link and leave feedback: laughing

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We are still looking to hire 2 managers and 4 bloggers. No one has applied yet so definitely a big possibility you would be hired..
2 days ago
Secret Harmony was created to be responsive and work on the go.
5 days ago
Seersha Heart did the report...
13 days ago
This page is just a little bit about me.I will be posting pictures, blogs, and more here from time to time. Enjoy!~
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The show at Etopia Prime was amazing with great singing from the awesome Vinnie! Great voice and great acoustic guitar playing. 
2 days ago — Just a shorter URL for those who do not like to type in the full one :)
2 days ago
What makes Secret Harmony InSL the best SL Social Network? 1. First things first is what is on the back end! We run on a dedicated server with a dedicated IP with SSL for your security and protection. Our software is not only reactive, but also responsive making it  as great as it can be. 2. …
2 days ago
Testing to make sure it works nicely.
5 days ago
I think it is fine the way it is! - 100%
I would like to see something new! (Post in the comments what you would like to see) - 0%
6 days ago
     If you have not known, up til March there have been a lot of additions to the site. You can add your own page, partially customize your profile, post ads, and more. We continue to work hard to bring you options to share your content in different ways. We will do this without end. That is a prom…
05.03.2017 money-mouth Invite your friends and family to the best SL Social Network and get paid for it! March Madness, all referral earnings Doubled. This is only valid th…
All about The Kids Circus Mall - Info, chat, etc.
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Kwave Wilkinson: New bolder fancier logo. Let us know what you think 😃
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