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Upcoming Events

  • The VINNIE SHOW at Swingin' Banana 8pm SLT Friday, September 22nd
    Swinging Banana
    22 September 2017  /  0   Members
  • The Vinnie Show @ Why Not September 22nd 3pm SLT
    Why Not
    22 September 2017  /  0   Members
  • THE VINNIE SHOW @ SEASIDE LOUNGE 7pm SLT Thursday, September 21st
    Seaside Lounge
    20 September 2017  /  0   Members
  • The Vinnie Show @ THE DIRTY GRIND 5pm SLT Wednesday,September 20th
    The Dirty Grind
    20 September 2017  /  1   Members
  • The Night Talk InSL Wednesday Night W/ Kwave Wilkinson 7-9 SLT! We
    SHRadio TOP40
    20 September 2017  /  1   Members
Kwave Wilkinson: Tonight is a special night! We are at our own Venue this Friday Night! I am going to be djing 5-7, Varda will be singing at 7, then Vinnie will be strolling in with his guitar and blow you away at 8PM! Listen at and click play on the TOP40 Station or visit us in world at the Swingin' Banana 🏠

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